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By the time you read this post I should be safely nestled back in my own double bed, probably freezing my arse off in Devon, England.

Yup – my South American adventure has come to an end after 4months of sun, sea, surf and mojitos!


Good Times

It’s been an epic chapter in my life on the road – and a fitting start to my RTW 2012 trip 🙂

There have been plenty of waves, babes and bad decisions that have kept me (and hopefully you) entertained!

I’ve worked in my dream job, got stung by stingrays, survived Carnaval, made the spontaneous decision to explore the Galapagos Islands, made many a surf roadtrip and failed miserably at learning Spanglish– and that was just my time in Ecuador!

Heading into Peru I surfed the epic left that is Mancora, got bored of travelling, tore down giant sand dunes, hit up the floating islands of Lake Titicaca and undertaking the gruelling 4day Inca Trail to Machu Pichu (posts of the latter two are on the way!)



Good Times with Good PeopleIts the people that I’ve met that have had a lasting impact though – massive shout out to the following faces who’ve made this trip so memorable;


Gijs the bearded charmer, tiny face Leah, Swiss roll Katja, fellow surf instructor Luis aka Vago, my Spanish hermana Karen, April and Jorge, all the staff of Montanita Spanish School, Scottish dancing John (I’m still rocking the dance moves bro!), the Swedes, Eva the truffle oil queen, Ecuadorian man eater Liza, my favourite…Johanna, Rasty, Eugeno the cocktail guy, Malene, Linnea, Jordan and Yvonne, Beefy and Prawny, Berit, smooth talking Felix, everyone else I got wasted with in Mancora, Megan for the Pisco bus carnage, Sandra/Giulian/Jamie/Deborah aka PO5, my inca trail group, Henry our tour guide, Judith and her housemates, Bernie and the Lima crew…and of course there are heaps of others too…I’m getting rather bored of trying to remember names now though!haha!

And I’ve also had the oppotunity to work alongside some great companies and businesses too – so thanks to the following;


Montanita Spanish School, Montanita Cabanas, Montanitours, Loki Mancora, Bothy Hostel, G Adventures, Wild Rover Hostels, ENO hammocks and SpiritHoods

*cheers* guys and girls!

So I’m back home – but don’t worry, I’ve still got a ton of stories and shots to publish from my last couple weeks in Peru…and I’m hitting the road again in a mere two weeks on the second half of my travel plans – and this section is even better than the last.

Make sure you “like” the Facebook page and follow me on twitter for all the latest announcements and carnage, I can’t wait to get on the road again!


Cheers South America – until next time!

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