10 Things I Miss and Don’t Miss About Travelling South America


I’ve only just left but there’s already certain things I miss about backpacking South America through Ecuador and Peru, but also equally things I don’t – so here’s my Top 10 Things I Miss and Don’t Miss;


I DO miss the sun, yes it’s meant to be the beginning of summer, and yes I live in Costa Del Devon, but somehow it’s not quite the sunny 30degrees I’ve acclimatised too!

I DON’T miss not being able to flush toilet paper down the loo…it’s the simple things!

I DO miss the surf. It’s flat in the UK at the moment – in craving the peeling blue lines of the Ecuadorian and Peruvian coast.

I DON’T miss the mozzies – I freaking hate those things, and sleeping under a mozzie net in the heat is not fun!

I DO miss cheap drinking – $2 mojitos, litres of beer for a $1?! Even Wetherspoons can’t compete with those prices!

I DON’T miss cramped single dorm hostel beds, star fishing in my double bed is bliss!

I DO miss the people. Meeting heaps of new faces with heaps of stories is what backpacking is all about.

I DON’T miss bouncing around every day or so. I told you all that travel sucks when your on your own and bouncing around, it’s nice to have a solid base again!

I DO miss not knowing what lies around the corner. despite being adverse to long haul bus journeys every other day I hate the mundane routine of home…I’m craving adventure again. Luckily I don’t have to wait long!

I DON’T miss having to struggle with language barriers. I was rubbish at learning Spanglish, it’s nice to be able to communicate properly again with people! Altho I must admit some Spanish phrase are now embedded in my vocabulary!

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